Fee for legal services

Fee and remuneration

The contractual remuneration for the provision of legal services is determined in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll., on the remuneration of attorneys and compensation of attorneys for the provision of legal services (the attorney’s tariff), in particular:

  • the hourly rate of remuneration (where for one hour of legal services (or for a proportionate part of an hour) the law firm is entitled to an agreed rate of time remuneration) – the hourly rate of our law firm is set according to the complexity of the case always from CZK 2,500.00 + VAT;
  • The fee set for the act of legal assistance according to the relevant legislation;
  • a flat monthly fee adapted to the needs of the client, the scope of legal services requested and their frequency

When determining the fee for legal services, we take into account the individual nature and complexity of each case and the legal services provided. The amount of the fee is agreed in advance with the client.

The price of legal services provided by the law firm’s offices may vary depending on the specific nature of the cases.

How do we proceed?

Unless otherwise agreed, for the legal assessment of your case, we will arrange an initial meeting with you during which we will further clarify your legal problem. If a face-to-face meeting is not necessary to resolve your problem, we offer to provide legal services by means of remote communication (in particular telephone and e-mail).

For the purpose of the first meeting, please prepare all documents related to the case at hand.

We would like to add that we conclude a contract with our clients for the provision of legal services, which will specify the terms of mutual cooperation and the provision of services by our law firm.